Office Problems: How to Protect Yourself

For all of our friends in the office, we wanted to give you a few quick tips on how to keep your body performing the best it can without ever leaving your desk.

1. Carpal Tunnel Relief

The Triggers and Symptoms of carpal tunnel:

-Numbness and pain in the wrist and fingers

-Instability and weakness in the wrist

-Consistent computer use

-Decreased ability to operate fingers with precision

-Thumb pain

-Precise, repetitive action with the wrist and fingers

The Remedy:

Carpel tunnel, a nerve that runs through the arms and into the fingers, will often cause pain and numbness throughout the hand. In order to provide relief there are several different options your chiropractor can utilize. Some of these options include using kinesiology tape to decompress the area and increase blood flow to the area. Using a myofascial releasing tool to break up fibrous adhesions in the tendons and ligaments of the wrist, as well as addressing ergonomics within your workplace.

2. Desk Stretches

Here is a quick 5-minute routine that you can easily do throughout your day while sitting in the office, babysitting your kids or recovering during a long drive with a delivery for your client.

1. Hands, Wrist & Forearms

Starting in either a sitting position or standing up, place your hands directly in front of you and spread your fingers as far apart from each other as possible, almost as if you were trying to grasp and basketball.

Next, with both arms still stretched out, reach towards the floor, bending only your wrists and keeping your arms out in front of you - hold for ten seconds. After that, do the same motion but with the four forefingers pointing towards the sky.

Lastly, with your elbows at your side and forearms straight out, move both wrists in a circular motion 10 times or until you feel relief.

2. Neck & Shoulders

Sitting at the edge of your chair, sit nice and tall, back straight, reach your right hand down to the right side of your chair and grasp the underside of the chair. Then lean your bodyweight toward the left (to pull right shoulder down) and then with your left hand apply gentle pressure to your head, pushing your head so that your left ear goes toward your left shoulder. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds and repeat on the other side. You can switch up the muscles that you’re stretching by changing the position you push down your head, either more forward or backward.

3. Back & Legs

Never underestimate the power of a 3-minute walk and a glass of water to bring you back to life at the office or on a long drive. If possible, take a few minutes every hour to get away from your work environment and allow gravity to work its magic.

By walking around, you are able to decompress your spice from any previous position and allow blood circulation to naturally wake your body up.

While not all employers are advocates for physical health in the workplace, many are advocates for continual movement and exercise that will keep their employees in the best condition possible. For more tips like these and health advice on your personal needs, send us a message on Facebook and we’ll reply to you with a video or message us here.

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