To Be Happy, Be These Things!

Be Intentional

Our bodies are very complex mechanisms that have specific responses to actions we put them through. Often times the pain we experience during car accidents, physical activity and extreme sports or simply sleeping in the wrong position is our body responding and letting us know something is not how it should be - be intentional with your actions, never taking for granted how your body communicates with you, and always taking action to keep in the best possible condition.

Be Consistent

While taking big steps to help improve your physical and mental body is never a bad thing, slow and consistent progress is key. For example, while a 5-mile jog at the beginning of your week is a great practice, you will not get to experience the beneficial side effects of the hormone and chemical boosts your body gives off from regular exercise. Remember, actions lead to habits and habits lead to lifestyles - be consistent.

Be Positive

The power of your mind is overwhelmingly important to your physical health. While placebos seem like a practical joke to many people, we often underestimate the power of positive thinking, human interaction, and a little bit of sunshine during the lunch hour. By choosing to put yourself in the right state of mind, those small things that used to nag at you may begin to seems slightly less life-altering. Don’t forget: happy heart, happy mind, happy body - be positive.

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